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If you have any questions please contact us at

For information about wholesale accounts with our distributors, please contact:

Q: What if I have a shop outside the US, but not in your distributor's areas?

A: Please email and we will set you up with an account.

Q: What should I do if I receive an incorrect item or an item is missing from my order?

A: Please email and we will rectify either situation right away.

Q: What should I do if a product I received is defective?

A: Please email and describe the defect; include photos if necessary. We will replace the item or credit your Cocoknits account.

Q: Why can’t I order Magnetic Concrete Trays, Pebble Tape measures, French Market Bags, or Leather Tool Kits in wholesale quantities?

A: These are items we only sell on our retail website. We aren’t able to get large enough quantities of some items to make them available to wholesale consistently. Other items we don’t get a price that is practical to sell at a reasonable wholesale cost.

Q: Where can I get printed versions of individual Cocoknits patterns?

A: Deep South Fibers are the printer and distributor for all of our individual patterns. (Our books are only available through Cocoknits). You may apply for an account with Deep South Fibers here. Or you may contact them at or call (877) 220-1234.

Q: Where can I find the invoice for a completed order?

A: Invoices for all of your orders are available in your Cocoknits wholesale ordering portal. Under “My Account” click on “Completed” and you’ll see a list of all orders. To view an invoice click on ‘View Order Details’. Scroll down and click on ‘Print Invoice’. A printer friendly version of your invoice will open in a pop-up window where you may choose to print it or save as a pdf file on your computer.

Q: Why can’t I sell Cocoknits products in my Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy shop?

A: Cocoknits reserves the right to control the outlets for our products. We don’t allow sales on third party sites such as these as they do not directly support a Local Yarn Shop and local knitting communities. We do allow brick and mortar shops to make our products available on their own websites.

Q: I have a wholesale account with a shop in Canada - why won't your website process my order?

A: Our website is currently unable to process orders for shops outside the US. Simply email your order list to and we will process your order with our warehouse directly.


Q: What should I do if my shipment arrives damaged?

A: Please take photos of (and keep) the box and the damaged product(s) then email these to so we may file a claim with the shipper. We will replace your damaged items or give you a credit in your Cocoknits account. The carrier might need to see the box (if damaged) so please do not throw it away until we have confirmed the claim is processed.

Q: Where can I find the tracking number for my order?

A: When your order is shipped you will receive an automated email with the shipping details including the tracking number. You may also find it in your Cocoknits wholesale ordering portal. Under “My Account” click on ‘View Order Status’. Once your current order is marked ‘Shipped’, click on ‘View Order Details’, scroll to the bottom, and you will see the date shipped and the tracking number.

Q: Why is your shipping cost so high?

A: We strive to make the shipping rate as fair as possible and have created a tiered rate table that is based on the order total. Please use this table to plan your ordering and get the maximum value from any tier.

Order TotalShipping Rate
$100.00 149.99 $15.99
$150.00 199.99 $20.99
$200.00 249.99 $25.99
$250.00 299.99 $29.99
$300.00 399.99 $34.99
$400.00 499.99 $44.99
$500.00 599.99 $49.99
$600.00 +   $59.99