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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order hardcopies of Cocoknits patterns?

If you are a retail store owner, you may place orders through our distributor:
Deep South Fibers
(877) 220-1234

Can I order and sell PDFs of Cocoknits patterns?

PDFs of Cocoknits patterns are only sold on the Cocoknits retail website.

I have a customer who wants to buy patterns that I don’t have in stock. Can I buy them online?

Yes, you can buy patterns for your customers or ask them to purchase the PDF at We hope this encourages people to buy yarn from their local yarn shop.

How will I know if there are new products?

For updated information about patterns and products, sign up for the Cocoknits Wholesale Newsletter.

What if I have other questions?

Please email us at with any other questions.

Shipping Rates

Following are shipping rates for Cocoknits Wholesale orders. Rates are based on the total dollar amount of the order.

Order TotalShipping Rate
$100.00 149.99 $15.99
$150.00 199.99 $20.99
$200.00 249.99 $25.99
$250.00 299.99 $29.99
$300.00 399.99 $34.99
$400.00 499.99 $44.99
$500.00 599.99 $49.99
$600.00 +   $59.99